As time goes by, the real magnificence of your hardwood floor will eventually fade. That is why you need to refinish it to bring back its beauty.  

Keep in mind that you need to save the floor task for last if you have other remodeling or construction project going on.  

You might want to consider rescheduling the project during rainy season. This is because wood is a spongy material, the floor would absorb moisture once the old finish is stripped. The new finish would take a lot of time for it to completely dry.  

For several days, your room won’t be usable since all furniture would be removed. However, you still need to be extra careful not to scratch your floor. Try to purchase rugs for every entrance and trim the nails of your pet.  

It is important that you control dust. Your contractor will obviously not be able to entire control dust alone. Protect your items that you do not want being covered with dust. In addition to that, the smell of polyurethane would stay for several days. If rain isn’t expected, you could leave the windows open to ventilate the room. 

  1. Research Flooring Companies 

You are not required to completely know everything about hardwood flooring. However, it is ideal that you should know enough that you could assess properly the contractor after, during, and even before the task. Visit various showrooms so you could develop an eye for properly maintained and well-installed floors. Make sure that you hire a Floor Pro.  

  1. Hire the Best Refinisher 

Try to contact at least 3 contractors. You should keep in mind that the price isn’t the best or sole measure of a great company. You could ask each contractor to give you references of their past clients. Call each reference and ask about their services. Check the portfolio of every work of the contractor. Be sure that the contractor you are going to hire is properly licensed and insured. You should make sure that each significant detail is written into the estimate. To help the job go smoothly, good communication and planning is required. This would also help you prevent any unwanted surprises. Ensure that you are provided an estimate.  

Do not forget to ask the contractor what types of unexpected expenses could appear during the job. 

Talk with the chosen contractor about your job in preparing for the task after settling on who’s going to do the job. For instance, all the furniture should be cleared out completely and all window treatments must be removed. Who would do all these tasks? Remember that if you let the contractor do all the work, he or she will charge you a much higher cost. Thus, you should clarify all of these beforehand to avoid any confusion. 

After the contractor is done, take your time and carefully check his job. Take note of all the issues you find. Do not hesitate to tell everything to the contractor.